Il nostro appuntamento di ripresa comincia guidando lungo la strada che passa per la citta di Bivongi conoscciuta per I suoi vini rossi

Cascata del Marmarico – Bivongi

Our trekking adventure begins by driving along the road that passes by the town of Bivongi, known for its excellent red wines, toward the Marmaric waterfall, the highest in the Southern Apennines at 114m. The water comes from the Stilaro River, in the Folea valley, near Bivongi. Marmaric Falls are noted as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy. Calabria has much to offer visitors and nature lovers as its offerings are very diverse be it outdoors, indoors, food, wine, entertainment, history, the seas, rivers, and waterfalls and more.

This long trek involves a narrow mountain road to walk along or maybe ride in a four wheel drive vehicle along this highly exposed road. At the end of the road you will disembark or rest as the trail begins by crossing an exposed narrow concrete bridge.

From here we follow the trail into the forest along the rivers path towards the falls. When opportunities for bathing in the waters are apparent we will indulge ourselves. The lower water pools are easily reached. However, the upper pools take courage to pass along a very narrow highly exposed rock path that leads to a small but fast water crossing. A scramble up the far side rock wall takes you to the upper water offerings at the foot of the waterfall. Only the brave of heart usually make it this far. Are you ready?


Typical Itinerary: Cascata Trekking
Location: Bivongi
Transportation: Truck, Van or Bus
Distance: From Grand Hotel President 40 Km.
Time: 7 hrs. to go and return
Meal: Panino, fruit, sweet, wine, beer, water
Required Gear: Runners, socks, hat, t-shirt, shorts, bathing suit, back pack, water, change of clothes
Activity: Waterfall Trekking
What You See: Huge valley views that seem to go on forever, native plants, trees, mountains, rivers, waterfalls
Difficulty: Level 3: Long moderate trekking with obstacles and rocks