Escursione a Pietra Cappa, monolite più famoso in Calabria, detta anche “la Regina dell’Aspromonte!


Our trek to Pietra Cappa (Stone Cappa) 140 meters high, the most famous monolith in Calabria, and the largest in Europe, covering an area of 4 hectares, is also known as the Queen of Aspromonte and an awe inspiring site to see. It has given rise to many legends between religion and superstition.

In the Aspromonte National Park large rocky conglomerates which the wind and water have have shaped which now have unique names like “Majestic Stone Hut”, now acting as a border between Careri and San Luca.

Pietra Cappa overshadows the near old town of Natile Superiore. The Valley of the Great Stones, contains others such as Stone Castle, Long Stone, St. Peter’s Rock, Stone Stone and Stone Drione.

The trail head begins in the mountains above the town and as one walks uphill towards the  mountain pathway towards the monolith’s one encounters heather, honey, and myrtle bush and chestnut and holm oak trees as well as wild mint and oregano. This trek and its unbelievable sites are not to be missed. It’s an amazing place to visit and will remain in your mind for the rest of your life.


Typical Itinerary: Nature Trekking
Location: Natile vecchio
Transportation: Truck, Van or Bus
Distance: From Grand Hotel President 30 Km.
Time: 5 hrs. to go and return
Meal: Picnic lunch, fruit, wine, beer, water
Required Gear: Runners, socks, hat, t-shirt, shorts, bathing suit, back pack, water
Activity: Guided trekking to and around Pietra Cappa
What You See: Largest monolith in Europe Typical views, plants, trees, mountains, rivers, waterfalls
Difficulty: Level 2: Trekking up and down the mountain side with a few obstacles and medium times