Ready for a good workout? Yes? Then this trek is for you, the person that is already fit. This is amazing trek which allows

Monte San Jeiunio – Circumnavigazione

Ready for a good workout? Yes?

Then this trek is for you, the person that is already fit. This is amazing trek which allows for a 360 degree view of a lot of south eastern Calabria from atop Mount San Jeiuno.

You are not going to believe your eyes! Utterly amazing huge picturesque views await you. Once onsite, you will be in the Aspromonti Mountain National Park in Calabria. Upon arriving at the trail head meeting area, fill your water bottle from one of the best natural mountain water sources in the area. You can taste the silky smooth cool fresh water. It’s heavenly.

The trail immediately heads upwards on a semi steep climb as you will ascend Mount San Jeiuno. There are plenty of reasons to pause, take a photo, drink water, rest, and chat with fellow trekkers. No rush to get to where we are going which is the summit of the mountain about a good 30 to 60 minutes away. Hot? Stop in one of the many shade areas. Along the way you will pass by cork trees. Yes, they may be red/orange where the cork cover has been removed to make cork stoppers for wine bottles. But, they live and the cork covering eventually returns after about a years time.

Many sites are to be seen along the way, from native plants and trees, to the occasional mountain goat and even cows. Maybe you will be luck to spot a wolf! Valley of the wolf is below you once you reach the summit so you never know. Memories of nature and beauty will be yours after you make this voyage. Enjoy Calabria and enjoy your day.

Buona giornata.

NOTE: This is a long day in the sun so come prepared!


Typical Itinerary: Trekking
Trekking Location: Gerace
Transportation: Van or Bus
Distance: From Grand Hotel President – 10 Km
Time: 5 to 6 hrs. to go and return
Meal: Picnic lunch, (panino with ham and cheese, cheese, wine, beer, fruit, sweets)
Required Gear: Runners, socks, hat, t-shirt, shorts, back pack (if you have one, water bottle to fill with fresh mountain spring water (change of shoes and clothes)
Activity: Trekking up a mountain pathway to the summit, then descending to a side trail system that circumnavigates the entire mountain side bringing you eventually back to the start.
What You See: Beautiful views, native plants, cork trees, many other trees, forest pathways, mountains and river bed and “The valley of the wolf”.
Difficulty: Level 2, Moderate uphill then downhill with obstacles and rocks to level 3 with lots of uphill and downhill sections exposed to the sun